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Time Commitment
We are so happy you are interested in enrolling in String Sprouts!
But before you sign up, we want you to know that growing a young musician takes time and practice. Make sure you can:
  • Attend a one-hour class with your Sprout once per week.
  • Dedicate at least 10 minutes per day to practicing with your Sprout.
Meets Minimum Requirement

First time applying for Sprouts? Please be sure to read this page carefully before moving forward.

Returning families, please click the box and move forward with your application.
Because String Sprouts is funded through philanthropy, we are obliged to follow guidelines that consider the size of a household as well as its income when determining whether an applicant is accepted. At this time, please make sure you application also meets these criteria:
  • Your Sprout is at least 3 years old by April 1.
  • Your Sprout is NOT entering kindergarten this year.
  • Your adjusted gross income is under $50,000; or you have a household larger than 5 people.
  • In the Omaha/Council Bluffs area?
    *If your adjusted gross income is over $50,000 (for a family of 4 or under), or if you have a student older than 5, please click here; to learn more about the Growing Roots program offered through the Omaha Conservatory of Music.
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